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Category: Processing Aids 
Sub-Category: Antifoam agents with food contact and descaling (s5) 
(Conditions of use: to be used in keeping with instructions outlined on the label or in keeping with manufacturers recommendations for the purpose intended)
Binol Filium AB Forsheda Lub 1994/11/29 
BIRKO® Corporation Genzolate™ 2005/10/06 
Buckman Laboratories of Canada Ltd. Bubreak 4127 2006/08/24 
CP Industries Ltd. Defoamer 2009/12/20 
CP Industries Ltd. Defoamer FG 2009/12/20 
Crystal Filtration Company FilSorb XP20™ 2013/08/09 
Diversey Canada, Inc. AF Silicon 2012/06/20 
Dow Corning Corporation Dow Corning® Antifoam 1520 - US 2005/11/28 
Dow Corning Corporation Dow Corning® 200 Fluid, 350 CST Food Grade 2007/06/02 
Dow Corning Corporation Dow Corning® Antifoam 1510 - US 2007/06/02 
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