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Reference Listing of Accepted Construction Materials, Packaging Materials and Non-Food Chemical Products

Last Update: 2017/05/09

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Company NameProduct NameAcceptance Date
McNairn Packaging Regular Patty Paper 1976/09/27 
McNairn Packaging 35 lb Silicone Pan Liner 1996/10/23 
McNairn Packaging 25 lb Greasepack S 1996/10/23 
McNairn Packaging Auto Patty Paper - "Formatic'' 1979/05/09 
McNairn Packaging Automatic Patty Paper 1976/09/27 
McNairn Packaging D.C. Sulphite 1976/09/27 
McNairn Packaging D.W. Sulphite 1976/09/27 
McNairn Packaging "Double Formatic" Meat Patty Paper 1986/11/13 
McNairn Packaging Dry Loin Wrap 1984/05/17 
McNairn Packaging Dry Waxed Tissue 1977/07/20 
McNairn Packaging Giblet Wrap Grade 3002 1979/01/05 
McNairn Packaging Heavy Patty Paper 1976/09/27 
McNairn Packaging Lard Liner Greaseproof 1980/08/04 
McNairn Packaging M.B. Bacon Liner Greaseproof 1980/08/04 
McNairn Packaging 27 lb Silicone Pan Liner 1996/10/23 
McNairn Packaging 27 Lb Plain Parchment 1995/08/24 
McNairn Packaging XtraBake 25 Pan Liner 2010/08/27 
McNairn Packaging White Steak Paper - Various Sizes 2009/06/02 
McNairn Packaging Black Steak Paper - Various Sizes 2009/06/02 
McNairn Packaging Peach Steak Paper – Various Sizes 2009/01/30 
McNairn Packaging 25 LB. Greasepack S. 1996/10/23 
McNairn Packaging Medium Patty Paper 1976/09/27 
McNairn Packaging 27 LB. Silicone Pan Liner. 1996/10/23 
McNairn Packaging Natural Kraft Loin Wrap 1996/12/04 
McNairn Packaging 24 1/2 Lb Quilon Pan Liner 1995/08/24 
McNairn Packaging 11/16 No. D.C. Tissue 1976/09/27 
McNairn Packaging White Oiled Loin Guard 1990/07/09 
McNairn Packaging White Oil Loin Wrap 1981/04/16 
McNairn Packaging Wet Waxed Tissue 1977/07/20 
McNairn Packaging EnviroBake Pan Liner 2010/08/27 
McNairn Packaging 35 LB. Silicone Pan Liner. 1996/10/23 
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  The asterisk (*) indicates that a potable water rinse is required after application of the product.