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Reference Listing of Accepted Construction Materials, Packaging Materials and Non-Food Chemical Products

Last Update: 2017/05/09

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Company NameProduct NameAcceptance Date
MG Chemicals Ltd. Safety Wash II™ 2009/01/27 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Super Cold 403A 2008/11/12 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Label and Adhesive Remover* 2009/01/08 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Super Wash™ 2009/01/08 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Silicone Conformal Coating 2009/01/08 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Glass Cleaner with Foaming Action (825)* 2009/01/08 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Super Duster 152 (402B)* 2009/01/08 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Electrosolve™ 409B 2008/11/12 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Pure HFE Electronics Cleaner 2009/01/27 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Label & Adhesive REMOVER, 8361 2012/04/04 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Super HFE Electronics Cleaner, 4120 aerosol 2009/03/30 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Flux Remover for PC Boards, 4140 Liquid 2009/03/30 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Nu-Trol™ Control Cleaner, 401B aerosol 2009/04/20 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Silicone Grease 8462 2010/06/17 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Connector Coating 4229 2010/08/18 
MG Chemicals Ltd. FLUX REMOVER For PC Boards #4140 Aerosol 2011/07/11 
MG Chemicals Ltd. Electronics Contact Cleaner with Silicone 404B 2009/01/09 
Number of items found: 17

  The asterisk (*) indicates that a potable water rinse is required after application of the product.