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Varieties of Crop Kinds Registered in Canada

Database Last Updated: 2024-04-08


This page provides access to a database listing all varieties registered in Canada. You can limit your search by selecting one or more options from the drop down menus but it is not mandatory to choose from all menus. To see a listing of all registered varieties, click on the "submit" button without selecting any options. This database will be updated on a quarterly basis. If you have any questions or concerns about the content of this database, please contact the Variety Registration Office by e-mail at

To download a copy of your search result in an Excel document:

  • Click the "Download results (CSV)" button located on the left at the top of your search results;
  • Select "Open" to open the excel file; and,
  • Save file

The first row will contain the column headings in the same order as found in your online search results. Note that the column "regdate" will need to be widened in order to view the registration dates. Some special characters, such as French accents, will be replaced by other characters or symbols once exported into an Excel document (e.g. the word "Blé" may show up as "BlÃĩ") . It is recommended that users use the "Find and Replace" option to correct the words exported with these other characters and symbols (i.e., Press CTRL+F, click on the tab "Replace", copy and paste "BlÃĩ" in the "Find what" field, type"Blé" in the "Replace with" field and click on the "Replace All" button).

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