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Taxonomic Serial NumbersScientific NamesEnglish NamesFrench NamesFamily Scientific NamesEnglish Species Risk GroupsFrench Species Risk Groups
681694 Pangasius bocourti Bocourti Fish  Pangasiidae   
681694 Pangasius bocourti Bocourti Catfish  Pangasiidae   
681694 Pangasius bocourti Bocourti  Pangasiidae   
681694 Pangasius bocourti Basa Fish Poisson-chat Du Mékong Pangasiidae   
681694 Pangasius bocourti Basa Pangasius Pangasiidae   
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Please note:
Scientific names sharing the same taxonomic serial number, as marked by an asterisk (*), indicates a transition to a new scientific name for that species and are equally valid.