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The licensed operator of a registered establishment has a HACCP system (prerequisite programs and HACCP plans) in place that meets FSEP requirements as required by section 29 of the Meat Inspection Regulations, 1990

Facility Type

Slaughter :                                               

Ritual Slaughter :                 

Canning :                      

Boning and Cutting :                      

Edible Rendering :       

Casing Preparation :       

Other Processing :                      

Packaging, Labelling and Storing :       

Inedible Rendering :       

Facilities for inspection of detained or imported meat products :                           

Storage Only :                 

Establishments approved for export to specified markets : Please be advised that the approval of the establishments may be limited to specific products and/or that restrictions may apply. For details on the eligibility status of the establishment click on the following link and consult the applicable section on the market of destination of chapter 11:


*With the exception of St-Pierre et Miquelon

Trichina Treatment Facilities :       

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