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Establishment Layout (Cross-contamination Areas)


Cross-contamination is the unintentional physical movement or transfer of a biological, chemical or physical hazard from a person, animal, object or place to another. This can occur at any step of an operation, from receiving incoming ingredients and materials to shipping the food. This section of the RDHI lists common areas where cross-contamination can occur for food, animal slaughter and hatchery operations and the hazards that need to be considered when conducting a hazard analysis.

A diagram of the establishment's layout helps identify the areas where cross-contamination can occur. Consider the following:

  1. the flow of raw food products, ingredients, incoming materials and the finished food
  2. the flow of waste, inedible products and other non-food products
  3. employee movement throughout the establishment, including change rooms, washrooms and lunchrooms

Note: This section does not contain a complete listing of all cross-contamination areas and hazards as the layout and operation of an establishment is unique to each food business. Food businesses should conduct a hazard analysis for each cross-contamination area in their operation to ensure all hazards are identified and controlled using effective control measures.


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